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We turn visions into reality.

W+P – Range of Services

Throughout the entire development process of a property, we stand by our clients as a solution- and goal-oriented consultant and partner.

Services of the W+P Gesellschaft für Projektrealisierung mbH

From the initial idea to realization and commissioning – our dedicated team of experienced engineers, architects, consultants and planners will handle the entire commercial, organizational and technical process for you.

As the client, you set the goals that determine the path. We take over a large part of the otherwise associated duties, efforts and risks for you.

General planning

As general planners, we take on the entirety of the planning task, the overall coordination and overall responsibility for the successful realization of complex construction projects.

General planning at the W+P Gesellschaft für Projektrealisierung mbH

We accompany our clients from the first strategic considerations all the way through to the completion. You benefit from our excellent industry knowledge, decades of experience and the close exchange between our experts across all disciplines.

We plan economical and future-proof properties as integrated systems. We combine all planning trades and manage all interfaces in the hands of our professional project management. The resulting added value for the customer is clear: significant reduction of project risks, smooth and less error-prone exchange of all information, increased adherence to schedules and costs, simple and transparent structures: a central contract and project partner.

Project preparation

We provide holistic support with interdisciplinary expertise and ensure that the necessary partial steps are taken:

Project preparation with W+P Gesellschaft für Projektrealisierung mbH
  • 01. Consultating on functionally sensible framework conditions and necessities
  • 02. Economic feasibility studies and definition of client and user goals
  • 03. Consulting on financing and realization models with the corresponding contractual constructs
  • 04. Feasibility studies in economic and technical terms, taking into account realization models, planning, construction and long-term operation
  • 05. Organization of competitions and awarding procedures
  • 06. Putting together the project team and planning participants

The project preparation phase is essential for the success of a project: like a tree, it begins with planting the seed, which will later grow into a widely branching structure with many ramifications - the "project tree". The project tree will only become strong and grow straight and fast if the seed has been planted correctly.

Since this phase is so essential, W+P, with its interdisciplinary expertise in construction and business management, is at the client's side from the very beginning to ensure a smooth process, from the initial project idea to the basics of a well-organized project.

Construction project management and project controlling

In order for active project management and control of the construction project to succeed from the client's point of view, we provide the sensible and necessary sub-steps that lead the project to the client's goal:

Construction project management and project controlling
  • 01. Process-oriented construction management with comprehensive construction expertise
  • 02. Project management from the client's point of view
  • 03. Preparation and review of cost calculations, financial controlling and compliance with project objectives
  • 04. Tendering and awarding
  • 05. Construction supervision and financial controlling
  • 06. Commissioning and operational planning

Projects are like a ship: influences from many directions keep coming in, trying to steer the project off course. If a project is only managed, it drifts along. If a project is steered and actively managed, then it stays on course and reaches the goal set by the client.